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CATV Coaxial Cable


CATV Coaxial cable, with excellent electrical performance,mainly applied to CATV network distribution,frequency range from 5MHz to 1000MHz,providing reliabletransmission and anti - noise effects for double way net work. Foaming rate ashigh as 80%,without polar residual, with excellent transmission property.  Closed cell in dielectric, preventingpenetration of water and gas,with stable property and long service life.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Aluminumtube type coaxial cable,with excellent electrical performance, goodtransmitting reliability,and long service life.                                                                                           

Cable jacket utilizes different kinds of material according to actual demands. Cablesheath has passed serious tests including high/low temperature test,ultraviolet test, hot wet test, fire retardance test, salt fog test and etc;achieved UL certification.